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256gl, Inc. is a developer of software solutions, built off a proprietary, patented programming platform, which improves the quality of search by uniquely addressing the problem of context recognition within automated environments. Our neural network based solution is trainable platform, which improves the quality of Web-based interaction and automated conversations, reduces human involvement in obtaining complex information about data, products, or services. 


Our goal is to make 256gl’s Neural Network tools become the “Visual Basic” for application programmers and at the same time the “HyperCard” for knowledgeable end-users, helping them to build together “Skills” for virtual agents. Within 6 months, we can start licensing Neural Network tools using standard software distribution model. We also want to create the 256 Interactive Skills Factory to build virtual agents for Health Care, Car Sales, Smart Home, Interactive TV and Home Shopping using our home teams of programmers and experts. 


Neural Network Technology is a toolbox designed to build knowledge models, which can be used practically in any professional activity: education, science, business, industry, entertainment, etc. Unlike traditional software applications in which data and programs are separated, NNT integrates data, related functions, and structural design into an integrated knowledge system with dynamic interpretation. 



We propose new generation of Virtual Assistants, which facilitates conversational based discovery, adding domain specific meaning to sentences, fine-tuning choices, then handling resulting information in accordance with personal needs, like: please tell my doctor, or - make my local retailers send me their offers, or - create an order, etc.

Try InterActor in Apple Store - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/interactor/id1310219187


Personal Healthcare skills, which can integrate Subjective and Objective Data and help to collect unique medical information from patients at home. "Reverse advertising" skills which can announce the world that "I am looking for..."

SDK and Plugins

Tools, SDK and services to build voice based applications, to control Web content on TV screen, to add conversational context to Search Inputs on traditional Web page 

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